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Understanding the leaps makes our life so much better. It is as if I am discovering the world all over again, together with my baby.

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The guide is easy to follow along with as your child grows..

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Informative guide to get any parent (first time or been there done that parents) through a baby's mental development.

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This guide is another user friendly way to gain insight into our little one's mind and body so we can better understand them to help them grow and flourish (while keeping our frustrations and exhaustion at a minimum).

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I found this course a very interesting read and a great insight into child development. I would recommend this course to any working with children and their families.

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As a mother, I believe this knowledge needs to reach all parents, everywhere, to help them understand their babies and become the best parents they can be.

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The online guide is invaluable to understanding your child's development...for new and veteran parents alike!

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The wonder weeks is like a user guide for babies, and helps understand the journey they undertake.

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A great place to find everything available from 'The Wonder Weeks' and communicate with like-minded people

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Very helpful tool.

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